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BALUNSD – Infrared Sauna, Phoenix


 6820 E 5th Ave Suite 115, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, USA

 +1 480-508-4115

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4 thoughts on “BALUNSD – Infrared Sauna, Phoenix

  1. Super awesome place! They just installed a new cold tub machine that chills the water to 47 degrees! It sure is cold, but I felt great afterwards! This is the place to go after a workout to relax and recover. Trisha & Brynn are super helpful and laid back to simply strike up a conversation with you! Would recommend to anyone!

  2. Wow! I have been looking for a place like this (to bad it’s not closer to where I live) This place is all about recovery and the fairly priced monthly membership is awesome! The only issue I could see is, it is very small and if there are more then 10 people in at a time you may have to wait to use equipment/tubs. But if you hit it at the right time, it’s like your own personal recovery area and you can stay as long as you like. Great staff and even though I don’t like close I want to try and make it back a few times a month.

  3. Super friendly staff, great place to recover after a run or workout, or just to relax and energize.

  4. The owners of BALUNSD take recovery seriously and are professionals you can trust. Ask them about a sports massage! Take a cold plunge, use the infrared sauna and take advantage of NORMATEC compression therapy all at your own pace as part of your membership.

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