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FLEX Spas Phoenix – Infrared Sauna, Phoenix

 FLEX Spas Phoenix

 1517 S Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix, AZ 85009, USA

 +1 602-271-9011

(5 reviews)

[lba_iframe] S Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix, AZ 85009, USA&t=&z=16&ie=UTF8&iwloc=&output=embed[/lba_iframe]


5 thoughts on “FLEX Spas Phoenix – Infrared Sauna, Phoenix

  1. Great place,been coming here for years.
    The staff have been great 90% of the time.they started serving pizza slices for a dollar.!! Awesome idea.

  2. I’m 27 and in not very open at all yet so I can’t explore myself. Would anyone (specifically the older the better) be able to help? I’d love to feel safe in what looks safe. I’m also very open to basically anything. Please anyone message me.

  3. Great pool. jacuzzi. Larger rooms with videos. Smaller rooms and just the locker. Of course the eye candy…. Much improved lately…. Only negative is the high pricew at peak tomes.

  4. I came from Chicago to Scout out the area a while back checked in with flex it’s a nice place there’s a few recommendations I’d have for him if they would take the advice I know the bathhouse industry I run a very successful one in Chicago and I purchase some land in the Phoenix metropolitan area im doing a three-story bathhouse will give future updates via Facebook and I’ll let everybody know what to look for in the future as for now Flex is a nice place but I aim to give them a run them and Chute my project is already approved by the city council and the state and also the county so we will see

    Just went back here they raised prices for what reason power is loosing business
    When new place opens this place will close as well as chute
    These places are dilapidated out dated and lacking sex appeal
    Were 5 months from opening day

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