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J.L.O. Skin Care LLC – Facial Treatment, Phoenix

 J.L.O. Skin Care LLC

 15815 S 46th St #120, Phoenix, AZ 85048, USA

 +1 480-725-5636

(5 reviews)

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2 thoughts on “J.L.O. Skin Care LLC – Facial Treatment, Phoenix

  1. I just had my last session with Jill for laser hair removal. I am beyond pleased with the results and Jill was super professional. She took the time to explain process to me and I never felt uncomfortable during the sessions. I have young daughters that I will definitely bring to her whenever they are ready to do hair removal in any area. She was also very affordable. Highly recommend her services. Thanks Jill.

  2. I’m 24 years old and I suffer from pretty bad acne and it has been out of control for awhile now. I have done everything trying to treat it, after many dermatologists visits, every medication you could think of I still wasn’t having any results. A few people recommended Jill so I decided to make an apt and she gave me more knowledge on my skin then I’ve ever heard before, she knows more then any doctor in my opinion. She thought her acne program would be a perfect fit for me and I decided to go ahead and follow it for a couple weeks. I’m excited and thrilled to say I am acne clear today! It’s amazing how much my skin has transformed! Thank you so much Jill! She is the best!

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