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Narande Spa – Infrared Sauna, Phoenix

 Narande Spa

 2000 W Westcourt Way, Tempe, AZ 85282, USA

 +1 602-431-2357

(5 reviews)

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5 thoughts on “Narande Spa – Infrared Sauna, Phoenix

  1. Was at the Marriott for work and ventured down to the spa. Was quiet, clean, relaxing ambiance. I had a facial which was great (they do extractions here which I love). The massage I had was amazing! I was with Darcy and highly recommend seeing her. I loved her so much, I had two massages in the week I was there! She is a must see 🙂 I didn’t have any issues with people talking, chatting or disruption from outside while in the massage or facial room.
    All-in-all a great experience from start to finish!

  2. very poor customer service. I called three times to get more information, left a message, and never heard back.

  3. I booked a massage through Groupon for my sister and I today to celebrate her birthday. I was very disappointed, I am 36 weeks pregnant and had communicated this well in advance. They advised me they DO accommodate prenatal massages. When I was taken back, I discovered they do not have tables to accommodate pregnant women. They had me lying on my side in a very uncomfortable position on a hard table. He worked on my back meanwhile talking to me the ENTIRE time. Everything BUT relaxing. Then he had me flip over onto my back in order to work on my feet and neck, the table did not raise to a reclining position to accommodate a proper prenatal massage, so the entire time on my back I had the pressure of my growing baby and was just completely even MORE uncomfortable. The massage ended with me feeling worse than I did when I came in. This was not the masseuse’s fault at all, it was entirely due to the spa unable to accommodate a proper prenatal massage. After further research I learned they actually charge MORE for prenatal massages to which they are unable to accommodate correctly. I have had massages every 2 weeks since the start of my second trimester and have NEVER ran into this problem with ANY other spa. The Groupon cost me $90 and then they charged me another $30 at the end of the massage. This was never communicated ahead of time. This was an entire waste of time and money for me. I am in so much pain. I do NOT recommend any PREGNANT woman EVER get a massage from this spa until they upgrade their beds in order to accommodate a PROPER prenatal massage!!

  4. AMAZING AMAZING massages!!!

    My sisters and I went to this spa for my birthday and we all enjoyed our time. I had Pia who gave me the best massage of my life. My sister said Tanya gave her the best massage of her life. My other sister had a facial.

    We booked on a Monday morning for Monday afternoon. This worked out well because no one else was in the spa. The spa and women’s locker room is very small. There is one shower, some lockers, a little seating area, and two mirrors. We’re really happy we came on a day when no one was there, otherwise this place could’ve been quite crowded and uncomfortable due to size.

    We were able to hang out at the swimming pool while we waited for our appointment time. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and perfect (Sept 23rd). We were going to sit in the sauna but it was taking too long for it to heat up so we ended up skipping it.

    I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful Pia was. She gave the most amazing massage! Not only that, she seems to really care about the clients she cared for.

    My sister has a very large service dog, a European Great Dane. All the staff treated my sister and her dog with respect and even welcomed the dog to the spa. In these days of discrimination, it was a breath of fresh air.

    The reason the spa did not get five stars was because my sister called multiple times trying to make an appointment and could never get through. Finally this morning, when trying to decide if we wanted to buy a Groupon at this spa or go somewhere else, she was able to speak with a nice young man. She did confirm with him that the phone would be answered if she called back. He kept his word by answering and were glad he did. He was friendly and helpful upon our arrival.

    Second reason for only three starts is due to the small size and lack of ambiance. Still, what amazing massages!

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