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Platinum wellness – Infrared Sauna, Phoenix

 Platinum wellness

 4727 E Union Hills Dr #100, Phoenix, AZ 85050, USA

 +1 602-866-8100

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One thought on “Platinum wellness – Infrared Sauna, Phoenix

  1. Dr. Infantino is the most impressive man I have seen in a very long time! A Chiropractor who has made it his business to help people heal their bodies, minds and souls by nutritional counseling, specific technologies for detoxifying lymphatic and digestive systems, revving up metabolism, reeducating his patients and providing the “how-to” for outstanding results. He radiates clean, clear health and immense integrity. Truly a God-given gift to those who are fortunate enough to find him. His 5-week program has healed countless numbers of people and I highly recommend a free one hour consult for anyone who needs help getting healthy and happy!

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