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Revive Spa – Day Spa, Phoenix

 Revive Spa

 5350 E Marriott Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85054, USA

 +1 480-293-3700


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2 thoughts on “Revive Spa – Day Spa, Phoenix

  1. The therapist put so much love into the massage, really professional and kind at the same time. The slippers were heavenly. I noticed that a lot of the tile work was cracked or chipped and reglued tacky, could use some deep cleaning. The hot tub both inside and outside have a really rough finish to the point it was painful on my rear. I am sure it is to prevent slipping inside when the jets are on but ouch, I was also nervous it would ruin my swimsuit. Overall, the experience left me wanting more and more. The staff was fantastic and I would come back every day if I could afford it.

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