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Skin Care Of Arizona – Facial Treatment, Phoenix

 Skin Care Of Arizona

 3311 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018, USA

 +1 602-667-5733

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One thought on “Skin Care Of Arizona – Facial Treatment, Phoenix

  1. After some grueling Brazilian laser treatments at another med spa, I thought I knew the deal with laser hair removal – Well that’s what I was expecting when I purchased a 7 sessions package deal from Skin Care of Arizona, but I was wrong! After being jaded by Skin Care of Arizona for my Laser Hair removal I has completely blown me away with their professionalism, equipment and skill!

    The location couldn’t be more convenient, the building is spotlessly beautiful and the Spa is clean and the staff is sincerely kind. I feel very comfortable with my Danny who is experienced and knowledgeable. I find the laser procedure to be far less painful to virtually painless! It was dramatically faster than the lasers used at my prior med spa. I’ve only had a consultation and three treatments so I can comment on the overall results, I’ve already noticed a significant decline in hair growth.

    I’m so glad Skin Care of Arizona has brought me to laser enlightenment! This place is the 5-star of laser hair removal. If you’re in the market for hair removal in Phoenix, don’t take a gamble — this is as good as it gets!

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